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For an organisation to achieve its goals, there needs to be proper planning, supervision, coordination, record keeping, and facility maintenance. These are the basic responsibilities of administrative managers. With Moira Chisholm, VA you can be sure to get these services, and others, for your company. Our major aim is to help businesses build, grow and achieve their objectives. Aside from providing administrative services, we can also help train your staff. For more inquiries, you can visit us in Edinburgh or call us on 07922288915.

We are Technology Oriented

Any organisation wishing to stand the test of time requires two things from its administrative officers above all. One is facility maintenance, and the other is a robust system of creating, filing, and keeping of records. While facility maintenance still requires more of a human presence, technology can be deployed to build, keep and monitor records. We have helped many businesses achieve this critical task by helping them build systems that generate, keep and disseminate records. What does this mean for you? Better results with less spending involved.

Great Client Reviews

At Moira Chisholm, VA, we are motivated to keep working hard for our clients. We discovered that over time, the only way any service organisation can successfully measure how well it’s faring is through feedback from customers. At Moira Chisholm, VA we have many platforms to get feedback from our customers and from all indications, our services are well appreciated. Many customers are being referred through different channels, thanks to good reviews. In particular, we are most appreciated for the software that helps organisations generate, keep and disseminate records.


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